Back in Florida for a month of rest and visiting family and friends!

February 1st, 2019

Happy to be back in Florida for the month of February. Been busy already as I made my appointment at the VA Hospital for a thorough checkup! Blessed again that all my indicators are great!! So, I am a healthy 74 years young and can continue my calling to love and serve the children of Peru when I return at the end of the month.

In March I will be going out again into the high Andean region of El Valle del Colca in Arequipa to research and develop our ongoing opportunities to serve. This will be in partnership with my local church in Lima-  Potential Church- Lima and my partnerships with indigenous Peruvian ONG’s (Peruvian nonprofits) and other local church families and missionary organizations.

While I am here in Florida I will be speaking to groups and at least one church so far. Also, I hope to visit my son and wife up in Ocala in the latter part of the month.

Also working on ways and means to share the story and vision of The Potter’s Hand Foundation, which is our vehicle since 2006 to raise support and funding for this ministry of love and service! I have made a connection with an interesting means- Causenetwork; which is a way for people to shop online and much more which in turn would bring in small percentages to The Potter’s Hand Foundation. Please check out the link below and perhaps this could be something you would be interested in.  I am praying and working for means to broaden our base support of folks who know us and our heart to serve the children of Peru. Causenetwork – The Potter’s Hand Foundation

I would love to hear from folks so please check out this link to connect with me!  How to Contact!

Or just email me:

Blessed to serve, Making a difference!!

Taylor J Benson


The Potter’s Hand Foundation


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